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The Slump is always lurking… waiting to ruin your performance.
You will experience The Slump when your energy is depleted.
With Slow-Mag® you can fight back.

Magnesium is a crucial mineral maintaining a healthy
nervous system.

Yet up to two-thirds of South Africans
may suffer from magnesium deficiency, even with a
healthy diet.
Fatigue & energy loss are just two of the symptoms
of a diet lacking in magnesium.

And when it comes to exercise performance,
Slow-Mag® not only improves overall energy levels
but also helps maintain muscle formation and
eases muscle cramps associated with an
electrolyte imbalance from strenuous workouts.

Slow-Mag® helps you perform mentally & physically allowing
you to be your best all day, every day.
So put down the coffee, add Slow-Mag® to your day and
Beat Your Slump™

Magnesium Supplement

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    Magnesium 10 Capsules

    R 53.99
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    Magnesium 30 Capsules

    R 139.00
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    Magnesium 60 Capsules

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    Fizzies 10 Effervescent Tablets

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    Magnesium Supplement Tablets 30 Tablets

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