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Dulcolax® Designed for Predictable Relief™

Dulcolax® Products

Dulcolax® products have provided predictable, dependable, effective relief from constipation to millions of people around the world  

Dulcolax® is trusted to effectively help treat occasional constipation in different formats for timed relief:

• Fast (suppositories)

• Overnight (tablets)

Find the Dulcolax® product that's right for you.



Shop the Dulcolax Range

  • Dulcolax

    Laxative 5mg 30 Tablets

    R 81.99
  • Dulcolax

    Laxative 5mg 10 Tablets

    R 29.99
  • Dulcolax

    Adult Suppositories 10mg 10

    R 135.00
  • Dulcolax

    Laxative 5mg 60 Tablets

    R 149.00